In casinos High Rollers Get Special Treatment

In casinos High Rollers Get Special Treatment

As far as gambling world is concerned, gamblers can be broadly classified in to two categories, the small-time players and the big-time players. In most of the cases its the big-time players, whom the casino wants to attract by offering various types of bonuses, promotion and other attractive offers.

In any brick and mortal casino, you can easily find high rollers or players’ who wager huge amount, these players gain huge attention and respect because of their financial playing power and if you saunter around them, then you will find that these players are always surrounded by huge crowed. These gamblers sit along with dazzling women and have a mountain of chips piles up that looks somewhat like a Manhattan skyline. These gamblers do not hesitate to wager thousands of dollars on the gaming casino table, and above all they are perfectly fine even if thy loose big amount.

The perks are stunning

Generally, the players who wager very high come to casino with very little or almost negligible amount of bluster. Casinos whether brick and mortal or online try their best to tempt these players by offering extraordinary comfort and benefit to them, In fact, some land-based casino provide incentives to the players who serve these special guest of casino and try to retain them for long.

Some of the special benefit offered by casino to its players includes car valet service, jet transfer and use of the luxurious hotel room, proper dinning facility and other casino amenities. This is not the end in fact these are some of the common benefit offered by almost all the casinos other then this, those special players are also offered big credit limits from casino side and rebates on their turnover or wagering looses.

There are some rules, which are applicable only to some of the big land-based casino and not to every brick and mortal casino. Like they allow these high roller to smoke in the non smoking area, they offer them private gambling zone. The question that sticks most of the people is that why casino spends so much on these high rollers but the fact is that the amount casino spend on these high roller are just a small part of the revenue the casino receives from these players.

On the contrary, there is a very popular belief among gamblers is that players who wager small amounts generally overpower the casino income, Even then the high rollers are pampered much because they are the high hitters of the gaming establishment. Another interesting point is that these high rollers generally do not prefer to play slots games but instead prefer to play table games like poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and many more.

Play big and pay big

When these big hitters win the game then casinos need to bear a huge loose and same the vice versa that is when these players loose casino enjoys enormous profit far more than what they have spend on attracting these high rollers and catering them with amenities. These players are known as high rollers, VIP players and also whales but in general they are all big time spenders and pay casinos in thousands of dollars.

The virtual casino is a little different

In case of online casinos, players themselves rate them as VIP player by selecting VIP rooms, just like brick and mortal casino online casino also cater these VIP players in a very special manner. As in online casino, you are asked to deposit money in your account and after that you can select to play any game of your choice slots, bingo, table games or any other game of your choice and still qualify for benefits – as long as you are gaming.

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