Various Way of Locating Casino Games in Online Gaming Software

Various Way of Locating Casino Games in Online Gaming Software

As the players are done with registering their accounts on any of the online casino, according to their selections, they should have to locate the games, which they want to play quickly in the casino. However, searching for the suitable casino games for a long time is not only time wasting but is frustrating for us. Therefore, with the help of this article, we have given some essential suggestions, so that we can easily locate different casino games within the online software of casino.

The games played in the online casinos are listed in the Gaming Menu. The casino displays this Gaming Menu in prominent manner at any place in the lobby. In fact, this is something, which players cannot miss. The mechanism followed by online casinos for locating various games in the Games Menu may be simple for all those online casinos, providing less number of casino games. However, online casinos offering large numbers of casino games may incorporate highly sophisticated mechanisms for locating their various casino games within Games Menu.

Mechanism of Rival Gaming Software for locating Casino games

Rival Gaming is one of the leading software providers of online casino games. At present, this online gaming software is offering approximately 70 games. This software has incorporated simplest mechanism to locate all of its casino games. The Games Menu of ‘Rival Gaming’ powered online casinos is found at the bottom and left hand corner of website. The lists of main casino games are given above the Gaming Menu. In ‘Rival Gaming’ powered online casinos, the main games are Table Games, i-Slots and simple Slots, Specialty Games and Video Poker. When the players used to move the cursor above the selected category, the site may highlight entire gaming lists in drop down menu towards the right.

We know that today, slots games are available in highest number of versions as compared to any other casino games, therefore, Rival Gaming powered online casinos have divided online slots games in three different categories. Now, players have to move the cursor for getting details about three different categories of slots games as Video Slots, Classic 3-Reel Slots and Progressive Jackpot Slots. Now, players have to move the cursor again to have the entire list of slot and other casino gaming variant available at the casino. In addition to this, ‘Rival Gaming’ powered online casinos indicate their newly launched games by marking with tag “NEW” in the final dropping list. Although, gaming variants under each of the sub category of games are listed in alphabetic order, but new games are listed at the top of the list, so that online players can easily identify them.

Mechanism of Cryptologic Software for locating Casino games

On the other hand, Cryptologic Software has incorporated very sophisticated mechanisms for locating different games. Although, the Games Menu incorporated in this software is more or less similar to the Games Menu available in Rival Gaming software, but in this case, the gaming format is entirely different. The Game Menu of Cryptologic Software has two different formats, from which players could have selections for different games.

One of them is to identify with gaming logos. This format is useful for experienced casino players. Another format is to arrange the gaming list in alphabetic order, so that players could easily identify the games they would play in casino. However, finding the favorite casino game from the gaming list may become time consuming for novices. Therefore, Cryptologic software provider has incorporated search engine option in the Games Menu. This search engine option facilitates the casino players to search and select their favorite casino game from large numbers of casino games available in the gaming list.

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