Hold Em Casino Games offered by Microgaming

Hold Em Casino Games offered by Microgaming

If anyone was asked what the most popular variation of this card game is, the answer would probably say Texas Hold’em Poker. The sectioned poker rooms between players usually take the rake. Online casino software developers believe that they have created some of the best Texas Hold’em game variations. The top provider, Microgaming, already have 4 games that are available to all supported online casinos.

One of the games available is known as Hold’em High. This game will allow players to bet in about 5 simultaneous hands. This is one of the Microgaming Gold Series that is elegantly designed and yet it is the easiest of these casino games. The player’s hand is usually matched to a payout table and there is also no dealer’s hand in this game. The player makes the first bet and is given two cards from the pack. There is the option to fold where the bet is lost. There is also the option to call where an equal bet is included. Raise is the point where a bet that is equal to double the initial bet is added. The five community cards are usually exposed if there is no fold announces. If there is a hand better than two Jack pairs, then it should pay per the given table. A separate bet that is usually based on the pocket cards only can be placed on the side.

The Bonus Poker variation of Texas Hold’em is also a Microgaming Gold series game and it is a single hand game. The player is offered pocket cards after placing the initial bet and these are dealt face down. There is the option to fold or raise on the initial bet and it is at this point that the three flop cards are shown. A call can be announced where the initial bet needs to be matched but there is also the option to check where no additional bets are made. The turn card is then dealt, at which point the player will choose to call or check one more time. Once the river card is unleashed, the cards are all then exposed and comparison between the player and the dealer’s hands is shown. At this point, if the player has the upper hand, then payouts are made according to the stipulated rules. This variety of Texas Hold’em has a Bonus bet which is an independent side bet.

There is a unique type of Texas Hold’em known as Triple Action. This is played with a section of a deck of cards that contain the Aces, K’s, Q’s, J’s and 8’s through to 10’s. The dealer will offer cards, each facing opposite directions 9up and down) after an initial bet is placed. Three community cards join the card facing down. There is the option for a player to fold or play with the latter involving placing an equal wager. The hands are compared after the cards are exposed and the player, if they have won, will be paid out accordingly. This game is known as Triple Action because there are 3 independent side bets where both the ante bonus and the bonus additional bet are paid on 5 full card hands. Getting the Flop Side bet is possible with the three community cards only.

Triple Pocket Hold’em Poker is yet another variation of this popular game. The player needs to ensure that they beat the two pocket hands by the dealer. There is the option to replace up to two pocket cards. The cards that are usually eliminated from the hand usually return to the dealer. This game is like the traditional game but there are no betting options. You will find these games at Microgaming powered casinos like Platinum Play, Spin Palace, River Belle and Royal Vegas.

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