Gambling in Las Vegas

Gambling in Las Vegas

The slot machine is a very admirable piece of machinery. Even the very fist slot machine, Liberty Bell, which only had twenty symbols of heats and spades spinning on three reels of a single payline, was something to be impressed by. Today’s slot machines are even more impressive, incorporating state of the art video and audio graphics, and operating several reels and paylines at once. It is today’s advanced slot machine that serves as the model for the best online slots in the online casinos of today.

Playing slots in an online casino comes very close to the actual experience of pulling down the arm and collecting change in a plastic cup. The display screen, which is the very first thing you will see on any online slot machine, is a splitting image of the real thing. And as soon as you press the spin button – which is the only thing that really sets online slots apart from the machines themselves – you will think you could reach out and touch the spinning reels. No matter the themes and the type of slot machine, playing an online slot machine is a very realistic, and most importantly, a profitable experience.

Does this mean that Las Vegas slot machines are going to be phased out by online slots? Most definitely not. Remember the one major difference between online and real slot machines? That’s right…pulling the arm. Ironically, most slot players in land-based casinos do not even pull the arm, for there is a convenient spin button on the machine – quite similar to an online machine. Maybe a more apt description would be the presence of the machine itself sitting before you. It may sound a little strange, but it is true how well a tangible object can affect one’s environment. Online slots are convenient and fun – Just make sure you allow yourself the chance of playing a real slot machine. When you do, there are a few things you should know when picking out a slot machine to play while inside the casino.

You will undoubtedly have many slot machines to choose from. Before picking one, know how much money you want to spend, and how long you plan on gambling inside the casino. For instance, if you have ten dollars to spend, and are waiting for your husband to finish his poker tournament, you probably want to hit up the nickel slots to kill some time and grow a little profit. Then, gradually move your way up to higher denomination machines. If you are after the big jackpot right from the start, you will want to play a progressive slot machine. But remember, in order to make a bid for the primary progressive jackpot (which are very big by the way) you must wager the maximum bid on every payline. Each horizontal row is considered a payline, while each vertical row of windows is called a reel. If you don’t want to spend $5 a spin, then stay away from the progressives that have eight paylines. A good progressive slot is one with four or less paylines, and maximum bets from $.25 to $1.

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